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Boot Mode (Robin, Woodpecker)

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Article updated at 23 Sep 2012

The Woodpecker and Robin Modules know different boot modes. The boot modes are used to specify the behaviour of the module when the power supply is added.

Available Modes

  • Auto (factory default): The module goes into standby (S5) if the 5V standby voltage is available before the main supply and waits for the power button. If the main power ramps up without availability of the 5V standby voltage, the module boots up without waiting for the power button.
  • Wait for Button: The module waits in S5 state for the power button when the voltages ramp up. This an ATX like behaviour of the module, even if the standby voltage is missing.
  • Always Starts: System boots if the 5V standby or the main power ramped up without waiting for the power button. This is an AT like behaviour.

Changing the Setting

The setting is stored in the Embedded Controller. The easies way to modify the setting is to use the Toradex Z5xx Tweaker Tool. In the datasheet of the according module, a complete description of the power management settings is available.