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Selecting an Heatsink Fan for Apalis SoMs


Article updated at 03 May 2021
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Fans intended to mount on the Apalis heatsinks need a screw hole pattern of 32x32mm. This is the case with the standard 40x40mm fan.

  • Dimensions example for GDT4010S12V3P-5F

    Dimensions example for GDT4010S12V3P-5F

The fan has to run on 12V which gets supplied by the 3 pin connector X35 on the Apalis Evaluation Board or on X6 on the Ixora Carrier Board. Both carrier boards have the option to control the fan with Apalis GPIO8. The 3rd pin which is speed feedback is not connected on any of our carrier boards.

Warning: Too long screws which go through the heatsink and are sticking out on the bottom of the heatsk can damage the module! Make sure the screws aren't too long.

Tested Fans

In addition to the Apalis Heatsink Fan, the fans listed below are compatible with M2.5x14mm screws. The screw heads should be between 4.5 and 5mm wide.

Part Number Speed* Noise* Pins
SY124010L 3500 RPM 14 dBA 2 (with 3pin adapter)
GDT4010S12V3P-5F 4500 RPM 22 dBA 3
CT4010BW 4000 RPM 12.8 dBA 3

*As specified by the manufacturer

Toradex Products

Toradex sells an Apalis Heatsink Fan in the webshop for evaluation purposes.