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Updating Containers with Torizon OTA


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After adding your device to Torizon OTA in the previous lesson, now you can deploy your application.

In this section, you will:

  • Upload a Docker Compose file with example container information. In other words, add your application to Torizon OTA.
  • Remotely update your device with these new containers.
  • The example should execute a web browser on the device.

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For this Quickstart Guide:

  • Development computer with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Warning: Commands and instructions may vary slightly on other Ubuntu releases and Linux distributions.
  • Successfully completed the previous lessons from this guide.

* This is a requisite for the entire Quickstart, but our Torizon OTA app will run on any browser, on any Linux, Windows or MacOS.

Step 1

Docker Compose is a tool for defining and running multi-container Docker applications.

For this Quickstart lesson, we will provide a Docker Compose file ready to use. Click the button below to download it:

Example Docker Compose file

Step 2

After downloading the file, go to the dashboard and click on the "Add New Package" button.

  • Add a new package

    Add a new package

Step 3

Click on the "Attach Docker Compose File" button and then select the *.yml file you have just downloaded.

  • Attach your .yml file

    Attach your .yml file

After that, click on "Continue".

Step 4

Give your package a custom name and version. For example, you can use Quickstart and 1.0.0.

It is a good practice to adopt a versioning convention for your software. If you are new to the topic, one possibility is semantic versioning.

  • Select your SoM family accordingly

    Select your SoM family accordingly

Click on "Upload" and wait until the process concludes.

  • Package Created

    Package Created

Step 5

Go to the dashboard again and click to initiate an update in your device:

  • Initiate Update

    Initiate Update

Step 6

Select the option "Custom Package" and then select the package you've just added.

  • Select the package

    Select the package

Click on "Continue". The update process will take some time. You can see the progress on the icon in the bottom-left part of the screen.

Note: by default, TorizonCore is configured to poll the OTA server once every 5 minutes. That may sound like a lot of time for evaluation, but it is a reasonable default configuration for production. After you finish the Quickstart, you can set a custom polling time.

  • Wait until the update finishes

    Wait until the update finishes

Step 7

After the update is deployed, the board will automatically reboot and a browser will show up on the external monitor:

  • Web browser on Torizon

    Web browser on Torizon

Step 8 - Optional

Edit the following line on the docker-compose (*.yml) file to modify the browser initial page:

    command: --browser-mode

Note: Optionally, you can also replace --browser-mode by --window-mode in order to start the browser in fullscreen mode.

After editing and saving the docker-compose file, upload this new version following step 2 onwards. You might want to use the same package name and increase the version. For example, you can use Quickstart and 2.0.0.


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