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Creating a Fleet with Torizon OTA


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Torizon OTA is a convenient and secure mechanism that enables remote over-the-air updates for either a single unit or a fleet of devices. After updating a single device, we will create a fleet to start a software update on multiple devices.

In this section, you will:

  • Create a set (fleet) of devices
  • Update the software of all the fleet at once
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For this Quickstart Guide:

  • Development computer with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Warning: Commands and instructions may vary slightly on other Ubuntu releases and Linux distributions.
  • Successfully completed the previous lessons from this guide.

Note: This is a requisite for the entire Quickstart, but our Torizon OTA app will run on any browser, on any Linux, Windows or MacOS.

For this lesson:

  • Access to the board terminal. It is described in the previous lesson on this Quickstart Guide named Linux Terminal and Basic Usage.
  • At least one device and one package added to Torizon OTA as explained in the previous lessons

Step 1

Go to the Dashboard again and click on "Add Fleet", insert a name for your fleet and click on Continue.

  • Add new Fleet

    Add new Fleet

  • See the new Fleet Created

    See the new Fleet Created

Step 2

Click on the three horizontal bars icon in the upper left corner of the page to expand the menu, select "Fleet Manager", and then click on your new fleet.

  • Select your Fleet on Fleet Manager

    Select your Fleet on Fleet Manager

Step 3

Add new devices to your fleet, by clicking on the (+) button.

Note: In our case, we only have one device, but you can add more if you have additional devices.

  • Add a device to the fleet

    Add a device to the fleet

  • See the device added to the fleet

    See the device added to the fleet

Step 4

Go to the Dashboard again and click to initiate an update in your fleet:

  • Click in your fleet

    Click in your fleet

Warning: Be sure to click on the button corresponding to your fleet, not your device.

Step 5

Update your fleet the same way you did with your device in the previous lesson.

  • Device successfully added

    Device successfully added

All the devices in your fleet will start upgrading, as shown in the dashboard. Wait until the process finishes.

  • Wait until the process finishes

    Wait until the process finishes


During the early phases of evaluation and development, such as when going through this Quickstart Guide, you will most likely have only one device. This lesson illustrates the power of OTA management systems at a later stage of development when you will need to plan how you will update various devices on the field. Torizon OTA already solves that for you, helping to bring your solution to the market faster.


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