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Module 1: Unboxing and Bring-up



In this first module, you will go through the process of unboxing your computer on module and carrier board, and assembling the required hardware to have video output and Ethernet connection, as well as installing Torizon and connecting remotely to it through Putty.

Warning: Follow precautions for handling electrostatic sensitive devices (ESD)

Typographic Conventions

Throughout the Toradex documentation, the following typographic conventions are used:

$ (dollar sign) Command in the host computer (e.g. your PC)

$ Command in your PC

$$ (double dollar sign) Command in a container in the host computer (e.g. your PC)

$$ Command inside a container in your PC

# (hashtag) Command in the target device/board (e.g. Linux terminal)

# Command in the target board, e.g. Colibri iMX6

## (double hashtag) Command inside a container in the target device (Torizon)

## Command inside a container in Torizon

> (greater-than sign) Command in the bootloader (e.g. U-Boot console)

> Command in the Bootloader

No symbol: Command output

$ Command waiting for output


Unboxing and Setup Cables - Colibri Evaluation Board

Installing the Operating System - Colibri Evaluation Board

Linux Terminal and Basic Usage