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Carrier Board Design Guides

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Carrier Board Layout and Design Guides

The freely downloadable Layout guide offers extensive details on high-speed designs and helps you to avoid signal integrity and EMC issues on the carrier board. The Carrier Board Design Guide provides information about various interfaces and includes reference schematics.


For Colibri modules, there is an additional compatibility guide. This Excel file contains a comparison of all SODIMM pin function and the RGB display and camera input color mapping.

Make sure to also check out our Pinout Designer Tool.


Upverter is an online carrier board design tool that simplifies carrier board design and software support at the BSP level. The tool is available on the Toradex developer website:

Build your own Embedded Carrier Board, easily - System Design and Schematic Capturing

In this webinar, we show you how easy it is to design your own carrier board for Toradex's computer on modules (CoMs).

Date: May, 19th, 2020

Simple and Versatile Power Management With Verdin System on Modules

This short video outlines the power management concepts of the Verdin family.

Date: December, 18th, 2020

Backfeeding: Hunting unintentional power paths

This webinar discusses how backfeeding occurs and how to avoid it.

Date: September, 1st, 2021